Avr Microcontroller Programming (Basics)

Introduction :-

We are introducing this course to teach kids (5 – 10 Year old ) Microcontroller (Avr) Programming using C Programming Language From basic. C is an exelent , efficient and Basic programming Language used in various places like devices (calculator , microcontroller).

Who Should Attend :-

Any one who is interested in learning Microcontroller (Avr) Programming from Basics using “C” programming language can attend this course. But you must have programming experience in “C” programming language. And some basics computer skills like. How to open and save a document or file.

Class Requirement :-

Class will start as soon we get 5 student

Course Content Electronic :-

  1. Understanding the basics (Vcc, GND , amps , voltage , and more)
  2. Learning about (Mosfets , Transistors , LDR and more)
  3. Building Projects (Circuits , LDR Switches , and more)
  4. Real-time Projects (Light activating robot + more)

MCU (AVR) programming :-

  1. Learning about ( PORTS , PINS , DDR (Data direction register)
  2. What is Binary , hex and decimal
  3. How to convert binary and decimal in to hex
  4. installing required software
  5. Writing your First Program in to microcontroller
  6. Using buttons to control the leds and motors
  7. Real-time Project (Automatic plant watering system)

Mathematics :-

NOTE : -

Every formula we will study is necessary in C and microcontroller projects.

  1. Addition , Subtraction , Multiplication and division
  2. Algebra (Factorial , Basics Formulas)

Duration : 45 Hours

Price: 200$ USD / month