C / C++

Introduction :-

“C” is developed by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. “C” is excellent, efficient and general programming language for most of the applications , such as scientific business and system software application.”C” is the very basic Language So any one can learn. C is the combination of High level language and assembly language. C++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language that is powerful, efficient and compact.

Who Should Attend :-

Any one who is interested in learning “C Programming Language” and “C ++ Programming “Can Join this Course . Programming experience is not required.

Course Content For C:-

  1. Basic Structure of C
  2. Writing our First C Program
  3. Constants, Variables
  4. Data types Keywords
  5. Operators , Expression and Conditional Operators
  6. Control Flow
  7. Arrays string Handling
  8. Function (introduction , Creating you own function)
  9. Character String
  10. Debugging
  11. Pointers
  12. Structures

Course Content For C++ :-

  1. Intrduction to OOP (Object Oriented Programming
  2. tokens,expression, data types
  3. introduction to Classes, objects
  4. Functions in C++
  5. Function overloading
  6. Inheritance
  7. File operation using stream classes

Duration : 45 Hours

Price: 150$ USD / month